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Broken tooth among other healthy tooth illustration.

What to Do With a Broken Tooth?

Breaking your tooth can be really frightening, but it’s important to take certain steps to save your natural tooth. Acting quickly can ensure that your whole tooth can be saved. Sometimes this cannot happen due to the type and severity of the break, but you should follow certain steps regardless. You may wonder what to … Details

Woman smiling after having teeth stains removed.

Hardest Teeth Stains to Remove

People spend hundreds of dollars on over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments each year due to the benefits of a whiter smile. A white smile is often correlated with better oral health and can even increase one’s self-confidence. Because of the effects of natural aging and poor oral health habits, discoloration can occur. Even the foods you … Details

3d render of crooked teeth in jaw.

Dangers of Crooked Teeth

Having straight teeth is more than just a cosmetic benefit. There are a variety of harmful issues that crooked teeth can cause. The good news is that crooked teeth can be treated fairly easily. There are a number of treatment options that can address crooked teeth, but braces are the most common and effective way … Details

Man wondering if he can repair a chipped tooth while at the dentist's office.

Can I Repair a Chipped Tooth?

No matter how good your oral health is, accidents can happen. A chipped tooth is a common dental issue. You may wonder, can I repair a chipped tooth? You can definitely repair a chipped tooth, and your dentist can provide you with the most effective treatment options to restore your natural tooth. Below you will … Details

Can veneers fall off?

Can Veneers Fall Off?

Veneers are a great way to achieve a perfectly straight and bright white smile. But can veneers fall off? If you have issues with discoloration or damage to your teeth, veneers can correct these issues. One of the major benefits of veneers is that you can get either partial or a full set of veneers. … Details

Woman with long blonde hair smiling posing with one hand on hip and the other hand on cheek.

Reasons Why Veneers Break

For those who want to perfect their smile, veneers are a great way to achieve this. Veneers can address issues such as discoloration, chipped or cracked teeth, and even the size and shape of your teeth. They are custom-made, wafer-thin shells that are placed over your natural teeth. Despite veneers being strong and durable, some … Details

black and white stock photo of woman showing tooth between two fingers. Woman's cheek is highlighted red to show pain area.

What Injuries Require Replacing Your Tooth?

While teeth are naturally really strong, accidents and issues can happen, which means you may need to get your tooth treated. Between poor oral hygiene and actual physical trauma, your teeth may be impacted and require replacement. Decaying, chipped, cracked, or knocked out teeth likely require immediate attention. Below you will find more information on … Details

Choosing filling shade for smiling patient.

Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers

For anyone who is looking to improve the look of their teeth, veneers are a great option. They can help with teeth that are worn down, uneven, misaligned, have discoloration, or even an irregular shape. Veneers are shells of porcelain or composite resin that are custom-made and shaped to perfectly fit your teeth. Depending on … Details

One tooth and dental instruments being shown.

Reasons to Get a Tooth Pulled

While getting your tooth pulled may not be something you are looking forward to, it can have major benefits for your dental and overall health if removal is necessary. There are a variety of reasons why you may need to get your tooth pulled, and some reasons are more urgent than others. Ensuring you are … Details

Two teeth and dental instruments being shown.

Can Gum Disease Cause Tooth Loss?

Can gum disease cause tooth loss? Gum disease is a harmful dental issue that can cause major health issues if not taken care of early on. Gum disease occurs when bacteria accumulate on your tooth’s surface. The bacteria can get through pockets of space between your gums and teeth, which can cause tooth loss and … Details