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Dental implants are an exceptionally good solution for long-term teeth replacement. You no longer have to feel embarrassment with having missing teeth or gaps in your smile. With a dental implant procedure in Yucaipa, you can once again feel confident in your smile.
At Shodhan Dentistry, we want people to show their smiles, not hide them. Creating new smiles is why our dental office provides fantastic looking implants. So now anyone with a missing tooth space can have it filled in — no more hardships with a missing tooth. You can regain your self-confidence. Eat, drink, and smile confidently with a new dental implant. Regain your oral health with our trusted dentists.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are a lifesaver for patients with missing teeth. Teeth implants are designed to be permanent replacement teeth and are made from incredibly durable material, usually titanium. Many patients are amazed at how they look and feel like natural teeth. Implants are hassle-free, allowing you to eat, smile, & live life fully.
Dental implants work by inserting a metal anchor into your jaw. Your jaw bone naturally accepts this anchor and begins to fuse to it, creating a super durable post. Dr. Shodhan then attaches a replacement tooth, called a crown to this post. Each crown is custom-made to match your unique smile. When done properly, your dental implant should last for years to come.
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What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Patients and dentists love implants because of the many benefits they bring. With receiving implants, you can expect:
  • A better-looking smile: No more need to worry about gaps in your teeth or an unbalanced look to your smile.
  • Better speech and communication: Dentures ill fit will slip and cause mumbles and slur in your words. Slurred speech doesn’t happen with implants.
  • Feel a natural, comfortable fit: In comparison to dentures, dental implants are much more comfortable. Teeth implants look and feel like your natural teeth.
  • The ability to enjoy the foods you love: Dentures can make chewing difficult; a problem implants don’t have. So go ahead and enjoy hard or soft foods.
  • Good self-image and confidence: Dental implants will take away any embarrassment you had with missing teeth. You will smile more confidently and vibrantly now.
  • Good oral health and hygiene: Teeth implants don’t need any work done on neighboring teeth. Not needing to work on other teeth allows for more of your natural teeth intact. There will also be easier access between teeth enabling easy cleaning and hygiene.
  • Durability and permanent solution for tooth loss: Implants bond and fuse to your jaw bone. Expect them to last many years, with proper care they will last a lifetime.
  • Hassle-free experience: Dental implants will have the same maintenance needs as your other healthy teeth: no extra steps or maintenance like dentures.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Implants are right for patients that have healthy gums and good bone density. If there’s a lack of bone density, a bone graft can be done to ensure enough mass. This is a straightforward procedure where Dr. Shodhan takes a bit of bone material from a donor site and relocates it. Once it is placed in your jaw, your body naturally grows fresh, strong bone material over it.
Patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes might disqualify from getting implants. It is highly important that patients are in good health before having this procedure. Still, no matter what, Dr. Shodhan will help you find a teeth replacement option that suits your needs. Our trusted and reliable dentist will evaluate and make the final determination.

What Should I Expect From The Implant Procedure Process?

Getting a tooth implant is a long process that will take several weeks. First, the dental implant dentist will place the implant in the bone socket. This part will need fusing of your jawbone to the metal implant. A process that can take 6 to 12 weeks to heal. After the healing, the next step is adding an abutment, a connector post to the implant. Finally, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create a custom fit crown. This crown will then attach to the connector post.

Is The Procedure Painful?

We strive to ensure that every step of the process is as comfortable as possible. While there can be some discomfort as your implant heals, it can easily be managed with medication. If you have any concerns about pain, be sure to discuss them with Dr. Shodhan. He will work with you to find a solution so that you are comfortable every step of the way. Ideally, you will go through the entire process with only minimal amounts of discomfort.

How Long Do Implants Usually Last? Will I Eventually Need To Replace Them?

A great thing about dental implants is their durability. They are designed to be a permanent solution that should be with you for years to come. It’s normal to see implants last 25 years or more, if not a lifetime. So patients that receive implants need to not worry about the hassle of replacing them.
However, it is vital to take care of your replacement teeth. Even though they might not get cavities like normal teeth, they can wear down over time. Dr. Shodhan will provide you with a full list of instructions for how to care for your implants and get the most out of them. With a good oral care routine, you should not have to worry about ever replacing your dental implants.

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