How Long Does It Take to Get a Dental Crown?

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Getting crowns is a very common dental procedure. Dental crowns are special caps shaped like your natural teeth. They can be made of different materials such as gold, silver amalgam, composite, and porcelain and are designed to solve many dental issues. They are bonded with your teeth, stay secure, and function just as well as … Read more

Top 5 Braces Myths You Should Know

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Now, getting orthodontic treatments and wearing braces is becoming more common as people recognize its necessity for improving their dental and overall health. On top of that, braces have never been more convenient and comfortable than now, with a lot of modern solutions available for patients. Here are our top 5 braces myths you should … Read more

Does It Hurt to Get Veneers?

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Today, dental veneers are a popular solution for people who want to improve the appearance of their teeth. Dental veneers can make your teeth appear whiter and straighter. The benefits of this solution are many, but patients also want to know if it hurts to get veneers. Below, we cover a key question our patients … Read more

What Are the Main Types of Dental Extractions?

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There are two primary types of dental extraction: simple extraction and surgical extraction. The former is used to remove teeth that are more easily accessible, while the latter is more complex. It usually involves making an incision into the connective tissues of the mouth in order to remove the problematic tooth. Below, we look at … Read more

How Root Canals Utilize Laser Tech

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Root Canals are an essential part of a dentist’s tool set. Despite their dreaded status, they are often the procedure that’s called for to remove problematic and diseased teeth. Below we look at how root canals utilize laser tech. The technology surrounding root canals is becoming ever more sophisticated. Nowadays, laser technology is often utilized … Read more

6 Long-Term Health Benefits of Braces

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Braces are an effective orthodontic treatment that can improve the look of your smile. It also comes with a number of other important benefits beyond just aesthetics. Below you will find 6 long-term health benefits of braces. 6 Long-Term Health Benefits of Braces Braces are a great way to improve the look of your smile. … Read more

Pros and Cons of Teeth Reshaping

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Tooth reshaping is a cosmetic dental procedure that can enhance the appearance of your teeth. Also known as “dental contouring,” the treatment involves making subtle adjustments to the shape and contour of your teeth. The treatment is non-invasive but can rival more extensive treatment in terms of the aesthetic outcome. Consider the following pros and … Read more