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At Shodhan Dentistry of Yucaipa, we believe in tooth preservation. Our main goal is always to save your teeth from extraction. While necessary at times, our goal is to always have it be the last resort. One way we protect your teeth is with gentle root canal treatments.
While many people think this is an intimidating procedure, it is actually very routine. And the professioal staff at Shodhand Dentistry of Yucaipa make the experience pleasant from start to finish. With a combination of professionalism and a friendly atmosphere, we make a root canal the procedure it should be: stress-free, quick, and effective.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canals are an effective tooth-saving procedure. For various reasons, such as cavities or trauma, your inner tooth pulp can get infected. When this happens, you can start to develop uncomfortable symptoms. And if you let it progress too far, it can even become dangerous. The reality is that a tooth infection can eventually lead to the loss of your tooth and a spreading infection. Let’s not let that happen!
A root canal consists of three major parts:
  • Removing the infected pulp
  • Cleaning out the tooth to prevent re-infection
  • And sealing the tooth
When all three steps are done correctly, you can save your teeth from a preventable extraction.

Is Getting A Root Canal Painful?

Despite advancements in pain management, root canals still get a bad reputation. Television and media have not helped change this perception in the slightest. But the truth of root canals might surprise you. The reality is that for many patients, getting a root canal can be pain-free and stress-free. Many come away amazed by how fast and easy the visit can be.
Most patients report it being little different from a routine dental filling in how it feels. If you have any concerns ahead of time, let us know. We will do everything we can to ensure a comfortable experience for your root canal.

Signs You Need A Root Canal Treatment

There many tells and signals when a tooth has an infection. Significant signs that signal the need for root canal therapy are:
  • Excruciating tooth pain, especially with biting down or chewing
  • Pain or sensitivity to stimuli that’s hot or cold
  • Changing of your natural tooth color to a darker tone
  • Swelling, bleeding, tenderness of your gums
  • The sudden appearance of a cyst or gum pimple
If you have any of the above symptoms, do not hesitate to schedule your appointment. The sooner you treat your tooth, the better the outcome will be.
If you sense a sudden stop of pain, all the more reason to come in. It can mean the infection has killed the tooth’s nerve. Come in immediately to treat your tooth.

What Are The Benefits?

The root canal and endodontic treatment have many great benefits. After receiving treatment, patients can expect:
  • Immediate relief of their severe tooth pain symptoms,
  • The previous infection won’t spread to other nearby teeth
  • Restoration of one’s natural ability to eat and chew food normally. You can enjoy the foods you love again.
  • Not needing other costly procedures such as an extraction or dental restoration
  • A visually appealing smile if a crown is used in the treatment
Since root canals are such a routine procedure, it’s good to know that they have a 95% success rate. It’s common for teeth treated with root canals to last a lifetime. And when you treat an infected tooth, you save yourself time and money in the long run.

Are There Any Side Effects?

A root canal is a restorative procedure meant to save your tooth. Risks and side effects are few and far between. A chance of the treatment is the loss of one’s tooth. There will be cases where your tooth has too much damage or enamel loss. Another inherent risk is developing a new abscess if there was any infected material not removed during treatment.
If your tooth is unsavable, and a tooth extraction is needed, there are other ways to proceed afterward. When your tooth is pulled, there are dentures, bridges, or teeth implants to help replace the missing tooth.

What Happens If I Skip Treatment?

Since Shodhan Dentistry is a big proponent of tooth preservation, we strongly recommend never to skip a root canal. Many patients experience their tooth pain subside and believe they won’t need treatment. The real truth in this is that the infection has killed off one’s pain-sensing nerves. With the bacteria infection still present, it will spread to your neighboring teeth. The infected tooth will also weaken. When this occurs, your tooth is highly susceptible to fractures. If your tooth fractures, the dentist will need to do an extraction.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

When treating an infected tooth, time is of the essence. The sooner your receive treatment, the sooner you can experience relief. And get back to having a healthy and bright smile.
So if you’re experiencing symptoms of a tooth infection, contact Shodhan Dentistry. We can see you soon and help save your precious tooth. With our state of the art office and cozy amenities, our dental office will make your treatment quick and comfortable. Don’t wait, call us today to get seen by a top-rated Yucaipa dentist.

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