At Shodhan Dentistry of Yucaipa, we are proud to promote “healthy teeth and gums for life!” Dedicated to providing personalized patient care and excellent service, our team of qualified dentist and office personnel proudly work alongside Dr. Harin Shodhan. The welcoming, friendly atmosphere at Dentist of Yucaipa helps both new and returning patients feel comfortable during their dental visits.

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After 11+ years in Yucaipa, CA, Dr. Harin, best rated dentist, have brought their expertise and excellent customer service to Yucaipa, CA.

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Our Staple Dental Services

When infection has reached the soft inner pulp of your tooth, a root canal can save it from dying. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Once a tooth dies, it will need to be extracted. A root canal can clean and protect both the affected tooth and the surrounding teeth.

Sometimes an infection or injury is so severe that the only option is to go with a tooth extraction. Fortunately, there are many options for ways to replace an extracted tooth. Extracting wisdom teeth is also a common procedure for many young adults.
Whether you want to replace a single tooth or several, dental implants can be the solution. Restore your smile with these long-lasting tooth replacements.
For teeth stained from food, beverages, or smoking, teeth whitening can restore brightness to your smile. Sometimes, even regular oral hygiene might not keep your smile bright. In such cases, professional teeth whitening can do the job.
Aligning your teeth is more than merely an aesthetic choice. Straight teeth make dental care more comfortable, promoting lifelong healthy oral hygiene habits with braces.

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At Shodhan Dentistry, we’re recognized as the trusted and reliable dentists in Yucaipa. Our dental office understands that no two patients are the same and that each person has unique dental needs. We know that patient care continues to evolve and change. Which is why our team is continuously keeping up to date with the latest treatments for the best outcomes.

The office mission at Shodhan Dentistry is to give you custom dental care. We have the belief that balance is vital for your overall oral health. Our team aims to deliver the perfect balance of dental health and aesthetics.

Shodhan Dentistry strives to enhance our patient’s confidence and self-esteem. Our dentists want to improve your quality of life through better dental care. The main priority is to give you a comforting and relaxing office experience.