Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Yucaipa

Do you have tooth pain or dental emergency? If you’re in the Yucaipa area, we can help. At Shodhan Dentistry, we have emergency dentist available for same-day appointments. Our office wants to ensure that all patients can get dental help right away when needed. We understand that timing is critical for emergency dental care.

What’s The Difference Between Going To The ER Vs. Seeing An Emergency Dentist?

If possible, it’s always better to see an Emergency dentist than an ER doctor. While ER physicians are great in handling health emergencies, dental care isn’t their specialty. The ER will be able to stop any bleeding, pain, or discomfort. They will not, however, be able to address the root of your tooth pain or emergency.

Taking care of the exact cause of your pain and discomfort is what separates an Emergency dentist vs., the ER. Our Yucaipa emergency dentists will be able to treat, heal, and restore your problem teeth. Whether it’s trauma, infection, or fractures, we will be able to handle your emergency and its causes.

What Can An Emergency Dentistry Treat?

From our experience, dental emergencies center around two things. Common dental issues emergency dentists address are physical damage and severe tooth pain. At Shodhan dentistry, our full range of emergency dental services include:

  • Root Canal Therapy – helps to rid pain from bacterial infections
  • Tooth Extractions – Common extraction, Wisdom tooth removal, molar removal
  • Dental bonding – helpful for minor chips and cracks
  • Crowns & Bridges – full replacements and or repairs
  • Cavity Fillings – replacements, application
  • Periodontic Care – useful for swelling in gums and or jaw

The above is just a sample of the comprehensive care we provide. So if you have a dental emergency, contact our Yucaipa dental office today. We accept many PPO insurances. For your convenience, there are morning and evening appointments available, including Saturdays. Our team will work to get you seen right away. We want to give you pain relief so you can get back to having a healthy smile.

Dentist of Yucaipa knows that your pain can’t wait, so neither should your care.