Dental Bonding

At Shodhan Dentistry, we love improving patients’ smiles. One way we do this is through restorative dental bonding. Our trusted dentist can complete this procedure to help restore your smile. Patients are often amazed at the cost and results. Learn more about this excellent procedure with our team.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a very great and reliable cosmetic dentistry solution. With restorative bonding, a tooth-colored resin is applied to your teeth. Next, your dentist will shape the resin, so it blends in naturally with your regular teeth. Finally, with a special light, the resin is hardened and bonded to your tooth.
The treatment can repair damaged chipped teeth. Patients wanting a restoration that looks natural should consider bonding. Bonding itself requires a skillful dentist to complete. Our great dentist at Shodhan Dentistry has the unique skills to shape your bonding. You will get a fresh new smile that will have you feel and look fantastic.
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Can Dental Bonding Fix A Chipped Tooth?

Yes, bonding is a primary option to fix chipped teeth. It’s an excellent solution for both kids and adults alike. Our cosmetic dentists can masterfully shape the bonding to look like your real teeth. The dentist will use color matching resin to ensure a flawless look. No one will ever realize your tooth was once damaged and chipped.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Dental bonding isn’t painful at all. With its non-invasive nature, bonding is one of the most comfortable restorations. Your cosmetic dentist will first prep the tooth and apply a conditioning liquid. Next will come to the resin application, whose shade will match your teeth. With your tooth structure intact, there’s no discomfort felt at all. Many of our patients who undergo the treatment don’t need any pain anesthetics at all.

Can Dental Bonding Fix Tooth Gaps?

Fixing tooth gaps is a hallmark benefit of bonding. Any noticeable tooth gaps can be instantly filled. Compared to other alternatives such as veneers or crowns, bonding is the superior choice for many since it’s both quicker and cost-effective compared to the alternatives.

Does Bonding Help With Tooth Reshaping?

With its versatile use, bonding can help with reshaping teeth. Whether your tooth is too long, short, or not wide enough, the dentist can correct it with bonding. Any shape or length inconsistencies with your smile is fixed with bonding.

Does Bonding Help With Staining?

If your teeth have staining, bonding can help. Our Yucaipa dental office will first recommend a teeth whitening. There will be patients who have deeper stains, though. In these cases, the whitening won’t be enough. In these more robust cases, bonding can help mask any staining your smile has.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

How long your bonding will last will depend on you. Some patients have their bonding last decades, while others several years. All our teeth are unique. This uniqueness also applies to our dental hygiene habits. Patients that diligently take care of their teeth can expect more longevity with the restoration. Also, avoiding acidic foods often will help.

Does Insurance Cover Bonding?

When bonding is done for structural reasons like say for a filling, insurances will cover it. With bonding done for cosmetic purposes, more likely than not, your insurance won’t cover. The great thing though with this restoration is cost. With its simplicity, expect a lower out of pocket cost compared to other repairs.
To learn more, call Shodhan Dentistry Yucaipa to request an appointment. Our office accepts many insurances, and our team can help determine your insurance coverage. We offer same-day appointments in our Yucaipa dental office. For many patients, the bonding can be completed in 1 visit. Contact our office and get that bright, sparkling smile back.

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