Right Age for Dental Implants

Despite medical advancements, people can still lose their teeth due to issues like gum disease and poor oral hygiene. You may also lose teeth due to an injury to your mouth. Dental implants are a treatment option for those who have lost their teeth. Dental implants are metal posts surgically placed into your jawbone below your gums. Once the implant is in place, a replacement tooth is attached to it. Dental implants are helpful for those who have one or more missing teeth and unable or unwilling to wear dentures. Dental implants are common, and the procedure is highly successful. But many wonder what is the right age for dental implants. They can last a lifetime as long as you keep up with a healthy oral hygiene routine.

Are You the Right Age for Dental Implants?

For those looking into getting dental implants in Yucaipa, you may wonder if you are within the right age range for the procedure. Dental implants require that a person have a fully developed jaw as the metal posts are placed inside of it. While every individual develops differently, an oral surgeon can determine whether you are a good candidate or not. Usually, the youngest patients are around 17 or 18 years old.

In contrast, you need to be in good health for the procedure, as it is a requirement to undergo dental implants. While people in their 80s and 90s have gotten implants, it is important to ensure you are healthy and able to successfully undergo the procedure and recovery.

Candidates for the Procedure

As stated above, there are requirements for a person to be a good candidate for the procedure. Implants may be right for you if you are missing one or more teeth, are unable or unwilling to wear dentures, and want to improve your speech due to your missing teeth. For those who have suffered tooth loss and are interested, there are a few requirements to be a good candidate for the procedure. Below you will find the main health requirements for the implant procedure.

  • Good Oral Health: Patients should have healthy gums and enough bone to support the implant. This is because the implant is screwed into your jaw.
  • Oral Care: The patient must commit to good oral hygiene. Maintaining proper care of one’s teeth and gums after the procedure is vital for the procedure to have successful outcomes.
  • Overall Health: Patients must be in good health overall. This includes no smoking, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying active, and eating right.

Dental Implant Procedure and Recovery

If dental implants have caught your interest, you’ll need to start with a consultation. The dentist can provide you with information and let you know if you are a good candidate. The consultation will likely include X-rays, an assessment of your physical and dental history, and an inventory of any current medications you are on. Depending on your specific needs, the process may take one or multiple appointments. One of the biggest worries that patients have is whether they will feel a lot of pain or not. The procedure is relatively painless, and the recovery time is manageable as long as you follow your post-procedure instructions. Dental implants are a routine procedure that has highly successful results for patients.

Dental Implants in Yucaipa, California

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