How Often Can I Whiten Teeth?

As you age your teeth will become more discolored. This is exacerbated by certain lifestyle factors, such as smoking, poor diet, and an inconsistent daily oral care routine. Professional teeth whitening treatments can reverse the clock and give you a better smile than you have ever had. If you are ready to get your teeth whiter, you may wonder, how often can I whiten teeth? Below you will find information on the teeth whitening process and how fast you can achieve your desired smile.

How Often Can I Whiten Teeth?

Once you take the step to getting a whiter smile, you may wonder when and how often you can bet your teeth whitened to achieve your desired shade. Depending on your current shade and the state of your oral health, most dentists recommend getting your teeth whitened every three months until you achieve your desired color. From there you can work with your dentist in Yucaipa to assess how frequently you need to get your teeth whitened after that.

Maintaining Your Results

As you are getting your teeth to your desired shade, it’s important to prevent discoloration in between your quarterly visits to get your teeth whitened. This is true even if you are in the maintenance stage of maintaining your white smile. Consider the following to prevent discoloration and maintain your professional teeth whitening results.

Avoid Smoking:

Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs, it can also have a serious impact on your oral health. The damage to your teeth and gums can be difficult to manage, so it’s important to avoid it altogether. Smoking will also cause discoloration and impact the results of your teeth whitening.

Brush After Eating:

Keeping your teeth white depends on a healthy oral care routine. To ensure your results last, brush your teeth after every meal. Rinse your mouth out with water right away and brush 30 minutes later. Brushing right away can cause damage to your enamel.

Avoid Teeth-Staining Foods:

There are certain foods that will stain your teeth much more than others. Avoid these foods as much as possible to maintain your results. Some of the foods include coffee, tea, soda, candy, berries, red wine, and red sauces. If these are all of your favorite foods, consume them in moderation and be sure and brush your teeth after you eat or drink them.

Use a Straw:

If you want to drink red wine and soda, consider using a straw. This can reduce the impact the teeth-staining foods can have on your results. It’s all about moderation, so consider carrying a reusable straw with you so you can enjoy your favorite drinks without worry.

Daily Oral Care Routine:

Keeping your teeth white depends on a healthy and consistent daily oral care routine. Brush after every meal with a soft-bristled toothbrush for two minutes. Floss daily to get any leftover debris out of your mouth.

Regular Dental Checkups:

It is recommended that you get a dental checkup at least every six months. This not only benefits your oral health, but also allows your dentist to track the progress of your whitening treatments.

Teeth Whitening in Yucaipa

Teeth whitening treatment is fast and effective. Zoom teeth whitening addresses discoloration on your enamel (the outer layer of your teeth) and dentin (the inner layer of your teeth). It is safe and countless patients have improved the look of their smile using this method.

If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, consider teeth whitening in Yucaipa. The team at Shodhan Dentistry of Yucaipa are skilled in both cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. They are eager to help you achieve your desired smile. Contact their office today to schedule an appointment!