Hardest Teeth Stains to Remove

People spend hundreds of dollars on over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments each year due to the benefits of a whiter smile. A white smile is often correlated with better oral health and can even increase one’s self-confidence. Because of the effects of natural aging and poor oral health habits, discoloration can occur. Even the foods you eat can impact the color of your teeth. Below you will find the hardest teeth stains to remove and what treatment can help you get back your white smile.

Hardest Teeth Stains to Remove

There are a variety of unhealthy habits and foods that can cause staining in your teeth. Consider stopping these harmful habits and reducing your intake of certain teeth-staining foods.

Tobacco Stains:

Stains caused by smoking and chewing tobacco are often the most difficult to get out. This is because they can all cause your teeth to become a deep yellow color. It’s advisable for your dental and overall health to quit smoking. Professional teeth whitening can help improve the color of your teeth, but it is important that you quit using tobacco products.

Coffee and Tea:

Coffee and tea are a major part of many people’s daily lives. With coffee shops on every corner, it can be difficult to refrain from drinking tea and coffee to get you through the morning and your afternoon slump. However, the tannins found in coffee and tea can penetrate your enamel and cause discoloration and tooth decay. If you can’t avoid your morning cup of coffee, it’s important to take excellent care of your oral hygiene to combat the negative effects of coffee and tea.


Berries have deep colors that can cause your teeth to look red or purple. While the initial stain may come off by brushing your teeth, it can penetrate deeper layers of your teeth, causing discoloration. If you consume a lot of berries, the discoloration can add up.

Tomato-Based Foods:

Tomatoes are highly acidic and have a distinct red pigment that can impact your teeth the same way berries do. However, tomato-based products may be a little more impactful as the acidity can penetrate your enamel and cause more than just discoloration. If you eat a lot of tomato-based foods and do not have a good oral care routine, you may be at a higher risk for tooth decay.

Juices, Soda, and Red Wine:

While these drinks are highly desired, they can cause a lot of damage even when consumed in moderation. It’s best to reduce your intake as much as possible as each of them can cause discoloration and tooth decay. Juice, sodas, and red wine are often highly pigmented and can leave initial stains that can lead to deep discoloration.

Soy Sauce:

Soy sauce is distinctly different than the rest on this list. Researchers have found that it can stay in your mouth long after you are done eating. This sauce is often associated with Asian-inspired dishes. But the ingredient is present in a wide variety of cuisines due to its flavor profile and versatility. If you can’t avoid soy sauce, be sure and take your oral care routine up a notch to avoid deep stains.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

For those who eat the foods listed above in large quantities, smoke or chew tobacco, or even have discoloration due to the effects of natural aging, teeth whitening in Yucaipa is a great way to restore your smile. Modern advancements in teeth whitening have led to excellent treatments that are safe, effective, and superior over any over-the-counter option. The dentists at Shodhan Dentistry of Yucaipa are skilled in Zoom teeth whitening as it is highly effective in lightening your tooth discoloration. Contact their office today for an appointment!