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Helping Your Teen Deal With Braces

Most teens are really excited about getting braces due to the amazing results. However, the process can be difficult for them due to the need to stay consistent with caring for their braces. Most braces treatment lasts one year or more, so it takes discipline on behalf of your teen to stay consistent and get their braces off on time. Below you will find helpful tips for helping your teen deal with braces.

Helping Your Teen Deal With Braces

Guiding your teen through life can be challenging on its own. Helping them get through their brace’s treatment is no exception. Consider the following tips to help your teen get through braces treatment.

Research in Advance:

Getting yourself educated on braces treatment can help you understand more about your child’s experience. You can be a great source of support when they have questions or want help getting through some of the more uncomfortable parts. One of the most important factors in staying on a treatment timeline is sticking to the treatment plan. This includes going to all of the required appointments and staying consistent with a daily oral care routine.

Plan Ahead:

Talk with the dentist in Yucaipa about what products are helpful for braces treatment. Stock up on oral hygiene products for people with braces. Things like floss threaders, interproximal brushes, a new toothbrush, and orthodontic relief wax are all super helpful for those with braces. You should also stock up on braces-friendly foods. Soft foods, cold drinks, and smoothie supplies can be super helpful right after your child gets braces.

Focus on the Finale:

Your teen will have some tough times when they have braces. Whether it’s getting their braces tightened or having to take an important photo with braces, bad days with braces will happen. Do your best to keep them motivated and focused on the final outcome. This can help them keep their eye on the prize and show them the importance of discipline. You can even make a countdown calendar to give them a visual representation of the timeline.

Discuss Expectations:

Braces are an investment that can be highly beneficial for your child outside of just the aesthetic benefits. They can help reduce their risk of other dental issues, such as tooth decay and cavities. However, your child may not understand the investment as a teen. They have so much going on in terms of their own development, so thinking about the investment is likely not something on their list of priorities. Talk with them about your expectations and how important it is for them to follow the guidelines set out by the dentist.

Listen Up:

If your child is having a bad day with their braces, be supportive and consoling. While braces treatment is not a major life event for adults, it can be a big transition for teens. Consider their feelings and be understanding. If you can do something to help them get through the day it can strengthen your bond and give them some necessary relief from their discomfort.

Braces in Yucaipa

If your child needs braces or other orthodontic treatment, contact the team at Shodhan Dentistry of Yucaipa. They have helped countless patients improve their smiles through braces treatment. While braces provide aesthetic benefits, they are also helpful for your teen’s oral health in the long run. Patients who have received braces in Yucaipa have reported an increase in self-confidence, which is helpful during adolescence. Adolescence can be a really difficult time for teens, so it’s important to make it as smooth as possible. Contact Shodhan Dentistry of Yucaipa to schedule a consultation today!