Can I Repair a Chipped Tooth?

No matter how good your oral health is, accidents can happen. A chipped tooth is a common dental issue. You may wonder, can I repair a chipped tooth? You can definitely repair a chipped tooth, and your dentist can provide you with the most effective treatment options to restore your natural tooth. Below you will find some helpful treatment options if you end up chipping your tooth, and how to care for your teeth until you see the dentist.

Steps to Take with A Chipped Tooth

If you have chipped your tooth, you should contact a dental professional as soon as possible. They can let you know if you should be seen right away or if you can wait for an appointment during business hours. The risk of infection is great, so you should follow the advice of the dentist in terms of treatment. Until you get to the dentist, consider the following steps to keep yourself as healthy and pain-free as possible.

  • Pain Relief: If you are experiencing a lot of pain, take some over-the-counter pain medicine. This can help reduce your pain and inflammation, which will keep you comfortable until you see the dentist.
  • Rinse: The risk of infection can be high. Rinse your mouth with salt water to remove any debris and to ensure your mouth is clean.
  • Diet: Try to stick to liquids and soft food. This will help reduce your pain levels and reduce the risk of further damage.
  • Protection: If the chip is sharp, be sure and protect the rest of your mouth from harm. You can use sugarless chewing gum or wax paraffin to cover the sharp area of your tooth until you get to the dentist.

Treatment for a Chipped Tooth: Can I Repair a Chipped Tooth?

Depending on the severity of your chipped tooth, there are a variety of different treatment options. Once you consult with a dental professional, they can provide the most effective treatment option for you. One of the most common treatments for a chipped tooth is dental bonding in Yucaipa.

Dental bonding involves the application of tooth-colored resin where the chip is located. Before your dentist applies the resin, your tooth is cleaned and a conditioning liquid is applied to prepare the area. The dentist will then place the resin on your tooth and then shape it so it naturally blends in with your regular tooth. The resin is bonded into place with a special light that hardens it and attaches it to your teeth. The procedure is smooth and painless, so you can be on your way and back to your regular day-to-day activities in no time.

One of the most important aspects to focus on after you have received dental bonding is your oral health. Dental bonding can last a lifetime if you take good care of your teeth. This not only includes your daily oral care routine, but also attending your six-month checkups with your dentist. The checkups allow your dentist to check in on your oral health and assess the dental bonding to ensure it will last.

Dentist in Yucaipa

If you have a chipped tooth, contact Shodhan Dentistry of Yucaipa. Shodhan Dentistry has the top dentist’s in the region, friendly staff, and state-of-the-art facilities. Each patient receives first-class treatment with an individualized treatment plan. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Shodhan can help with all of your dental needs, including dental bonding. As with all dental issues, getting treatment early is the best indicator of a positive outcome. If you notice that you have a chipped tooth, contact a dental professional right away. Contact the best dentist in Yucaipa today for an appointment!